Small World (Macro Photography) - DrDane

8414-17 Fall Oak Leaf Panorama, Ashland, OR - Nov, 2007. Light shining through this native White Oak leaf brings out its best colors. Only a few White Oak leaves turn shades of red like this. The only ones I've found were growing on young trees about 2-3 ft high. Residual chlorophyll in the cells is creating the green patches. This image is actually a panorama composed of 4 individual pictures taken with a special macro lens, and stiched together in Photoshop. This saves all the detail for big enlargements. This one can easily produce a 20x40 inch (or larger) photograph with excellent detail.

PLEASE NOTE: This image contains some colors that Smugmug's printer cannot reproduce well. If you'd like to purchase a fine art archival Giclee print from another source(with all the right colors), please email or call me ("Contact Me" link above) and we'll get you set up.

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