Nature's Healing Visions

Bringing the Healing Power of Nature into your home and business

Nature's Gift
In times of need, Mother Nature has been a place of nurturing solace, and her beauty has always fed my soul. Her wild and peaceful places have often helped me shed the unnatural stresses of modern culture and find peace again. She can help you, too.

"There's something special about your photos!"
For years, sensitive people have told me there was something special about my photographs. They felt the images transmitted the energies of nature. As I've become more sensitive to "energy" over the years, I've begun to feel this myself, and attending to this quality has gradually become a part of my photographic process.

Dropping Into the Peace Zone
Suggestions for getting the most out of your visit:
  • Slow down and bring your awareness into your body
  • Breathe slowly and consciously
  • Let go of any expectations and just be curious
  • Ask Mother Nature (or your "Sacred Source") to help you receive the healing energies from these images
  • Allow yourself to feel whatever comes up for you in response to the images
  • Give yourself a bit of time and space to explore
  • The less you think, and the more you feel, the better

If you love the Earth and appreciate her beauty, or would like to heal a heavy heart, you will probably enjoy this brief article: Nature As Healer.

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